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Short pen needles – Reliable subcutaneous injection

To achieve a good insulin dose effect it is essential to inject the insulin into the subcutaneous fatty tissue (subcutaneous injection) and not into the underlying muscle. Injecting insulin into the muscle can lead to unexplained fluctuations in blood glucose values as well as to severe hypoglycaemia.

  • A trend towards shorter pen needles is apparent.
  • 4 mm and 5 mm pen needle simplify the injection technique. Injections can often be given at a 90 degree angle without creating a skin fold (children, adolescents and slim adults should form skin folds).1
  • Short pen needles reduce the risk of inadvertent injections into the muscle which can lead to severe hypoglycaemia.

 Short pen needles permit
    safe subcutaneous injetction without
    forming a skinfold.Follow the
    recommendations of your diabetes

  Long pen needles increase the risk of      injecting into the muscle.

 Skin (epidermis and dermis)

 Subcutaneous fatty tissue (subcutis)


Even smoother injection thanks to innovation and precision²

DiamondTip – the perfect needle tip.

  • High precision DiamondTip (6-bevel) needle tip 
  • Cannula with superfine and premium polished needle tips:
    4 mm / 32 G, 5 mm / 31 G, 6 mm / 31 G,
    8 mm / 31 G

mylife Clickfine DiamondTip has considerably improved penetration and gliding characteristics. Penetration tests show reduced penetration and gliding force (F1 and F2) for the mylife Clickfine DiamondTip (green line) compared to a competitor pen needle (grey line).2

Extra Thin Wall Cannula (ETW) -
For optimised drug flow

Larger inner diameter at unchanged outer diameter.3

  • Improved medication through greater flow rate4
  • Due to the larger inner diameter of the cannula, less force is required when pushing the injection button4
  • Supports the simple delivery of higher concentrated insulins from 200 Units/ml

Premium quality features – Experience reliable comfort

mylife Clickfine DiamondTip

Top quality medical cannula with thin wall technology enables easy and optimal flux of medication because of its larger inner diameter.

mylife Clickfine DiamondTip

Special silicone surface treatment enables constant gliding characteristics and smooth penetration.

mylife Clickfine DiamondTip

Patented Universal Click technology, fitting all major injection pen brands. Audible "click" confirms that the needle is securely in place.

mylife Clickfine DiamondTip

External protective cap with a good grip. Free tear-off tab allows the sealing peel foil to be removed quickly and easily.

1 VDBD guideline for injections in diabetes mellitus. Health Care Professionals. 2. revised edition. November 2016.
Technical Report, data on file, 2015.
Cannula Tube made of stainless steel for the manufacture of medical devices – ISO 9626:2016.
4 Aronson R. et al.: Effects of Extra-Thin Wall Needle Technology on Preference, Confidence, and Other Patient Ratings,    Clinical therapeutics, 35(7):923-933, 2013.

Easy handling

Unique usability features.

Äußere Schutzkappe

External protective cap

Sealing film

Inner protective cap


Needle hub


  • External protective cap with a good grip.
  • Free tear-off tab allows the sealing film to be removed quickly
  • Easy-to-remove inner protective cap
  • Needle hub with viewing windows for additional optical control
  • Special silicone surface treatment and 6-bevel tip for advanced injection comfort