The correct injection technique

Injection technique

To ensure effective and predictable insulin delivery, it is important to use the correct injection technique, which depends on various factors: insulin has to be injected into the subcutaneous layer, using the correct needle length, and ensuring proper site rotation after every injection. More tips and tricks concerning injection.

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Living with diabetes!

Traveling, playing sport, eating out, moving freely - just doing what you want to. Doing what's natural, whilst feeling safe and secure. What's considered normal for most people is also possible for people with diabetes, thanks to mylife.

What is mylife?

mylife is a range of products and services for people with diabetes. It provides everything you need for simple and reliable self-medication.

Who is behind mylife?

The company behind mylife Diabetescare is Ypsomed, a Swiss-based global leader in the field of medical technology, a company that is sensitive to the physical and emotional challenges that people with diabetes face in their everyday life.

Why single use?

Attach a new pen needle before each injection to avoid infections and other problems caused by dirty, blunt or clogged pen needles. For your comfort and safety, they should be used only once.